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frequently asked questions

What is Duck's terminal?

It is a web based Browser Terminal that is cable of command Line arguments.
Google Searh.
How can I ?

If you click close in the upper corners, then the terminal window will close.
You can also drop n drag the window.
I want to. - ???

I can't get any input, but I don't get any errors either.

The Terminal object's functionality relies on the browsers ability to generate and handle keyboard events.
Sadly some browsers lack a full implementation of the event model. (e.g. Konquerer [khtml] and early versions of Apple Safari. Which is a descendant of khtml.)
How can I ?
( etc.)

How can I of --- the command line?

How can I limit the command history to unique entries only?
(My application effords commands to be commonly repeated.)

With version 1.05 there is a new configuration and control flag `historyUnique'. All you need is setting this to `true' in your terminal's configuration object.
How can I change my window size?

How can I import text to terminal instance?

My terminals allow you to type in text.
Is there support for ?

Check here for an answer, or email the Administrator.

Is there any ?

New Features are being added all the time. Check back often.
Isn't there any way to ?

How can I connect to a server? (AJAX Handling)

There's a Real Live BBS connected within.
Are there any real world BBS's at work?

Have a look at these pages:
  • Have a Look inside the BBS to connect to other servers.


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